Big Data Analytics — Industries That Make the Most of Big Data

Big Data Tech — Industries That Make the Most of Big Data

Big data is volume, velocity, and complexity of information, which just not refers to the data but also refers to the challenges, competencies associated with storing, analyzing the huge data sets. It is a large amount of data which cannot be handled by normal tools. Significant growth of development in business sectors has promoted the growth of big data.

Open sources are software and tools for analyzing the huge quantities of data in order to gather relevant information that an organization can use in order to further its business goals. Apache’s Hadoop is the biggest player in open-source big data analytics which is widely used in software library for processing enormous data sets across a cluster of computers.

According to the article published in CGIAR (formerly the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research) in October 2018, announced the use of big data analytics in agriculture. To solve agriculture development problems faster, better and at a greater scale, the tech approaches are being used. Moreover, it helps as a resource for disaster reliefs and preparedness. Big data analytics help emergency responder agencies to identify and track population such as elderly communities or areas with a high concentration of babies and children.

To understand the potential of new product offerings, improve customer experience, reduce service truck roles while improving customer service, forecasting network capability. Along with, it implements value-based network capacity planning, reduce customer churn are some major uses of big data in Telecommunication systems. It has been promoted in financial services due to some of the factors such as generating revenue from data, to be more effective for providing technology and strengthen security.

Additionally, big data analytics has been adopted by retail industry for understanding the buying behavior of the customers, mapping to the product, and planning marketing strategies to sell a product in the market to increase profit.  While in healthcare industry it is helping players to advance patient outcome while simultaneously reducing cost.


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